The lone ranger

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The lone ranger

I was up earlier than normal Sunday morning for my walk.  I needed to get at it before the temps soared past 100. The week-long Cali heat wave has been brutal—it was expected to be 107 that day.

Fitbit reports that I walked 1.76 miles.  But, it wasn’t until the last leg of the walk that I saw something that literally made me turn around and go back to snap this pic. There it was. The lone ranger. The only one of its kind that I witnessed while taking 4,616 steps. There was a newspaper laying in the driveway of the gold stucco house with the brown garage door.

Over 4,600 steps. One driveway. One newspaper.

There may have been a few other rolled-up newspapers along my walk route, but I only noticed this one. So, for the remainder of my stroll, my lone observation switched to an outright investigation. I was in pursuit of another one. Please, let there be at least one more.

You see, I had already read my Sunday paper–on the highest readership day of the week. However, I read the online version, before my size six Sketchers even hit the cracked pavement.

How about you? Where do you get your daily news? On your cell phone? Your tablet? Television? Or, from your driveway?  Maybe from multiple places?

My point is this…if your company’s marketing plan is dependent solely on newspaper advertising, give some serious thought to my morning stroll. Your company needs a digital presence, too. I’m not discounting that lone, rubber-banded beauty–it has a purpose. But strength is in numbers, and one driveway is not very powerful.


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Pennie Rorex


  1. I like this perspective. A digital presence, indeed!

  2. Our world is changing by the second…this is a good reminder to those of us who are a bit more “mature”! Good job!


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