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Well of course we want to boast that our Chief Consultant at Rorex Marketing Solutions has over two decades of marketing communications experience, and that her work is award-winning. But we know you’re not interested in puffery, so here they are, the simple facts about some of her career achievements.

New Marketing Plan

Conducted market research and developed a new marketing plan which provided for rebranding of family practice clinics and an oncology service line. Rebranding resulted in a 17% increase in utilization over the first three years.

New Media Strategy

Developed a new media strategy for the Stanislaus County Fair which included the launch of a full-service, on-site Media Center. Increased media presence during the run of the fair from an unmonitored number of media guests, to an average of 220 print, online, radio, and television reporters/representatives during the 10-day run.

Public Relations and Consumer Engagement

Created public relations and consumer engagement campaigns for consecutive annual giving campaigns. Results consistently reached $1 million in donations over a six-week period for each of the eight years of involvement.

Marketing Communication Plan

Developed and managed a new marketing communication plan, including launch of its social media marketing, for the county’s largest community event–the Stanislaus County Fair. Resulted in increased attendance of 11,000 guests (226,509) — the highest attendance in 10 years.

Public Relations and Social Media

Received three Awards of Excellence from the Central Valley Public Relations Organization in three categories: Brochure, Special Event and Non-Profit Website. Received a Certificate of Merit award for the launch of a healthcare provider’s social media.

Best Media Kit

Received two 1st place awards for Best Media Kit from the Western Fair’s Association

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