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Marketing has Evolved

This week I ran into a business associate who I first met when he was in the newspaper advertising business.  Bob left the newspaper business long ago and has been working in healthcare marketing ever since. We ran into one another at the Merced County Fair where his company had an exhibit this week. He asked if I remembered Norma from the newspaper. It’s been over 20 years since they worked together, but he thought of her today when he was unloading loads of marketing collaterals from his car, and breaking a sweat in the process.  As he was lugging the load from the parking lot to his designated booth space he thought of her. Bob shared that he still remembers Norma saying, “Marketing is about butt kissing and lugging boxes.” I had to laugh, because quite honestly, I’ve lugged a lot of boxes over the years.

The truth of the matter is that marketing really has evolved over the years, and it has changed drastically since I lugged my first load of boxes. The digital world has literally turned those boxes and brochures upside down, and it continues to change every day. It’s the exact reason that I am a member of the American Marketing Association and the Public Relations Society of America. I’m a fanatic about staying current, so continuous education is vital. This week’s AMA topics included how to create a Snapchat show; A blogger is suing Food Network over copyright of a snow globe cupcake video, and streaming service is now more popular than cable.

Snapchat shows, Pinterest how-to videos, and live streaming are some of the many solutions we consider for our clients’ marketing campaigns.  And yes, there are still some heavy boxes of brochures in the marketing mix, too.

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