This is not hog wash

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This is not hog wash

I spent my afternoon listening to MP3 demos of voices of men and women who provide character voiceover services. We’re looking for the perfect character voice for…wait for it…a pig. We have the privilege and honor to be working with an Emmy award-winning production team from the Bay Area on this project. The goal is to produce a television and radio commercial that will be a blue-ribbon winner for our client’s county fair marketing campaign.

It’s been crazy, creative, and fun as we prepare for Friday’s on-location shoot. One of the first tasks was to locate and contract the star of our show, a pet pig. Once the “talent” was hired, next up was planning the pig’s wardrobe (headband and gym shorts). Other details included a plan for the pig’s likely potty needs, even a plan for portable fencing in the event the pig decides to go south when the producer planned for a north shot. Hours and hours, dozens of emails, and multiple conference calls have gone into preparation for our upcoming day of filming.

We will be part of the on-location crew for about seven hours. I’m confident we are going to have a squealing good time. Lights! Camera! Oink!!!

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