Snow in Spring Hill?

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Snow in Spring Hill?

Does it snow in Spring Hill?  If you’re from Chicago or Minneapolis, you might say that an average of 2 inches of snow isn’t enough to even count. But if you grew up in sunny Central California, then a few inches of snow are welcomed and celebrated.

It snowed in Spring Hill on January 11, 2021.  And this former Cali girl was out on the front porch in her robe and slippers taking pictures at 7 a.m. The Snow Fairy created a winter wonderland overnight and I was thrilled. It was our second snow of the year. If I recall, it may have snowed three times last year.

When it snows, don’t expect to see snow ploughs clearing the roads. I’m not even certain if the City of Spring Hill owns a snow plough. But an inch or so of snow is likely to close the schools.  Williamson County Schools and Maury County Schools both closed on January 11—they declared a “Snow Day.” And from the pics and videos on local social media sites, the kids were really jazzed. A pair of gloves, a Farm Bureau beanie cap, a puffy jacket, and some warm boots, and out they went to play. From our house, we could hear kids giggling in the snow-covered greenspace that adjoins our backyard. And from the view of my office, I giggled too, as two little boys were having a snowball fight. The taller one was the clear winner.

Some local businesses embraced the snowy day. Costa Vida on Main Street offered a Snow Day special. Here’s their Facebook post. “Keep warm and stop by the Coast for FREE kids’ meals all day with the purchase of an entrée. Valid today only.” Other businesses had to close for the day, like The Well Outreach, a wonderful nonprofit food pantry. “Closed due to snow,” they announced on Facebook.

If you are not a fan of the snow, don’t worry. It usually melts by the end of the day, or the next day if it’s really cold.

among the many reasons that I love living in Spring Hill is that there are four distinct seasons—each uniquely beautiful. And while it is definitely cold here in the winter (the highs this week are in the 40’s), the sun shines on most winter days. The winter is crisp, yet joyful. And on occasion, it snows.

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