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Social Media Confession

It’s been all things social media at our office the past few weeks. The good news is that our clients recognize that they need a social media presence. However, they don’t often know about how, or where, or when? One client who contacted us last week offered a true confession, “We are weak in social media.” I perused their social media channels and he was correct.

There were several things that came to mind, just at first glance. The first is that his organization’s Facebook page talked “at” his audience. It was all about “we” – we are doing this, we are doing that, we, we, we. There was no attempt to engage with their audience. Also, the organization’s Facebook page had inconsistent activity – weeks, and in a few instances months passed by without a single post, not even a “we” post. And, there was no use of video.

We’ll be talking in great detail about his organization’s social media presence, starting with an analysis of where they are and examining their metrics. One of the first questions I will ask is, “Who is your target market?” If his target is Millennials, but Facebook is where his primary efforts have been focused, we need to refocus. We will be talking about Instagram and other social media channels that Millennials frequent.
Who is your target market? Are you reaching your target market on your current social media channels? Is your company adapting to new and everchanging social media tactics? Is your brand benefiting from the social media multiplier effect? Everyone’s talking about social media, including Forbes. So let’s chat.

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