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It used to be that an ad in the newspaper did the trick—run a print ad and your phone would begin to ring. Advertising today is much more complex. While traditional advertising methods need to be considered for your marketing mix, digital marketing no longer is an add-on—it’s an imperative.​​​​​ From radio and print, to social media and mobile marketing, to online research and programmatic buying, we provide expert insights on both traditional and digital advertising. Our services include targeting and media placement strategies, creative design, development and more.

When you see the golden arches, what do you think?  What is top of mind when you hear the word “google”? The Google brand has become so powerful that its name became a verb (to “google”). What does (or doesn’t) your brand say about you?  From brand differentiation and brand positioning, to identity and perception research, we will expertly guide you through developing, managing, and promoting a successful brand.

Consumer engagement is all about creating a bond between your brand and your audience through content marketing. As the rapid shift to customer-centricity continues, it is vital that you align your customer’s journey to build consumer loyalty. We will employ innovative strategies to make every stage of your customer’s journey meaningful and memorable. It all starts with great content, whether it’s a creative blog, an appealing video, a dialogue-provoking graphic, or perhaps a great story, our strategy is to build a relationship between your brand and your consumer across all brand touch points and channels.

Grabbing the attention of a reporter, editor, or news desk, and cutting through the clutter can be challenging. To increase your odds of garnering positive media attention, we can help reach the media, pitch stories, write press releases, and more. We are also experienced at providing media training for your organization’s leaders so that when the media calls (expectedly or unexpectedly) you and your team are confidently prepared for the interview.

Did you know a Bic® pen has an average of 10 to 12 owners? Promotional products are a great way to reach your target audience. We can help you support your brand, promote your services and motivate as well as recognize your employees. We provide branded products, by creating solutions to customers’ marketing, promotion, and motivation needs. We offer Geiger’s complete line of carefully-selected, top-selling promotional products that inspire your customers, employees, leads and prospects. Check out our online catalog here.

The strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics is vital to your organization’s success and prosperity. Whether anticipating, analyzing and interpreting public opinion, counseling your management team with regard to policy decisions and possible public ramifications, or planning and implementing your organization’s efforts to influence public sentiment or policy, we are here to expertly guide you through the process.

Retweet this, post that, like and follow, and snap it! You know that social media is important to engaging with your consumers, but you don’t have the time or staff resources to maintain a social media presence. We get it!  Relax and know that we can provide social media management for you by maintaining a regular and current presence on all your social media sites. Don’t have them?  We can help here, too.  We will launch your social media presence so that you are building those ever-important online relationships with your consumers very soon.

Whether you’re planning for the short or long term, we will employ our decades of experience developing and implementing successful marketing strategies for your organization. We start with high-level objectives, identify and examine your business initiatives, and then develop and implement a strategy with measurable tactics to achieve your goals.

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