The sounds of the county fair

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The sounds of the county fair

It’s the last day of the 2018 San Mateo County Fair and I can see so many happy faces from my office window.  I can also hear happiness.  What does happiness sound like?  Let’s take a short stroll outside to experience the fair through my ears because I love the sounds of the fair.

As I exit Expo Hall, I hear laughter from sweet little voices as the Looney Tooter—the train ride—is just outside the double doors. It’s so adorable because as the little ones chug by at about two miles an hour, they are screaming with joy. In their precious minds, they are chugging around super-fast.  “Mommy, can I do the train?” I hear a little princess ask. “Pleeeeeeeease.”  And then the bell rings as the miniature car rides nearby have started their next spin around the temporary track.

About 25 steps further the sound of pop, pop, pop, pop catch my attention, as a new batch of kettle corn is almost ready.  Just across the way, there are giggling sounds, as a dad and his two little ones have just put a quarter in the Jiggle Feet massagers.

A few more steps and I’m nearing the giant cone, just as the clerk is peeking her head out the service window to ask, “What flavor?” “Chocolate,” requests a fair guest.

In the distance, I can hear music playing, as I approach the pony rides. About a half dozen kids are mounted on the live ponies. I hear a proud mom say, “He’s having a ball,” as she laughs with joy.

The face painter is next on my short stroll, and a sister and brother have been given a tough decision by their mom. “Do you want your face painted, or another ride or game? You have to pick.”  I didn’t stay long enough to hear their answer, but decided to wander towards the clicking sound of dozens of colorful plastic frogs opening and closing their mouths every second—click, click, click, click. The lucky kid that lands a fishing line in the clicking frog’s mouth wins a prize.

As I stroll further, the clicking is fading in the distance and the bass and trumpets are getting louder as I near a radio station’s outdoor booth. “Quiero bailar mi Corazon” is blaring from two speakers. And yes, it does make me want to dance.

I love the fair—the bright lights, the aroma of fried and grilled everything, and yes, the sounds. From joyful shrieks, to clicking and clacking, to pounding bass, it all equals joy.

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