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Embrace the Unusual

Sometimes it’s the most unusual and unpredictable thing that just takes off.  Here’s one that I would have never predicted—spinners!  Yes, spinners. If you know someone who has a kid in school or works in a school you’ve probably heard about the craze that is taking the world by storm.  CNN news has covered spinners, the New York Times is reporting on spinners, and now Allen and Pennie Rorex are talking about spinners, too.

So, are they are toy or a tool?  We’re told that spinners started as aide for kids with ADHD, and that they may help kids stay focused.  Not sure that I can confirm those claims, but we do know that spinners are flying of the shelfs at retail outlets. But there’s good news—now you can get them imprinted with your logo!

If you’re looking to score a supply of these trendy plastic gadgets that are supposed to help reduce stress and relieve nervous energy (I’ll take two dozen), look no further.  You can learn more about spinners right here or better yet, give Allen a call at 209) 667-7024.

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