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Rorex Marketing Solutions


Rorex Marketing provides exceptional expertise, increasing our attendance by 9% within 7 months of working with their team. Pennie offers reliable and detailed metrics to launch campaigns that drive results. I have searched for a decade to find someone of their caliber, who understands us and our audience! We look forward to a long relationship with Rorex Marketing Solutions.

Dana Stoehr

CEO - San Mateo County Event Center and Fair


Pennie and her team are the most creative, knowledgeable and cheerful marketing organization I have worked with. The campaign they crafted was research-driven and took advantage of our most sophisticated print and digital strategies in innovative ways. It was not only a super successful campaign, but a pleasure to be a part of.

John Strohmeier

Account Executive - Hearst Bay Area


I had the pleasure of working with Pennie Rorex as I was researching fairs throughout the country for a major cable network show. From day one I knew that I would love working with Pennie. She was kind, professional, and a fantastic ambassador for her client. Pennie was well-versed in typical media requests and needs, which helped me tremendously. She was impeccable with her communication and helped me hit some tight deadlines. What I asked for was quite intensive - not only was Pennie able to get me complex information in a timely manner, but she was simply lovely to work with. I am forever a fan of Rorex Marketing Solutions!

Nai Pak

Unit Production Manager - Citizen Pictures


“Concept testing was the foundation of the many successful marketing campaigns that Pennie led for us. She believes in consumer testing before any marketing campaign is launched. She is committed to understanding consumer response in advance of investing a lot of money in campaign creative that may not reach the target market. It’s that very strategy that resulted in a highly-successful marketing campaign that became a top performer in our company nationwide.”

Sue Micheletti

Chief Executive Officer (Former) - Emanuel Medical Center


“I had a great experience working with Pennie Rorex and her team. She is professional, has great communication skills, is super organized, and provides information in a timely manner. She is very knowledgeable about television, radio, and digital advertising. I have been in the media business for 17 years and Pennie has definitely made it to one of my all-time favorite media buyers. She was strictly business, but at the same time, a kind professional. I’m a true fan of Rorex Marketing Solutions.”

Ana A Jauregui-Fuerte

Account Executive – Univision Communications Inc.


"Valley Children's Healthcare began working with Pennie Rorex of Rorex Marketing Solutions in Fall 2018 to help our organization enhance relationships with key decision makers in Stanislaus County, including elected officials, private industry business leaders, as well as public and nonprofit sector leaders. Pennie has more than met our expectations. In less than 6 months, she has facilitated meaningful connections and relationships between our senior staff, including our President and Chief Executive Officer, and a wide variety of community leaders, connections and relationships that would have taken us much longer and would have required much more effort to establish on our own. Her success springs from a number of important qualities or assets, including her strong reputation and credibility in the community, her high standards and professionalism, and her unique ability to stay focused on the big picture without letting slip one bit the details that keep the big picture squarely in view. Valley Children's is very fortunate to have found Pennie and her team!"

Tim Curley

Director, Community and Government Relations - Valley Children's Healthcare

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